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New Addiction

Author: tinyscribbles80
Title: New Addiction
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, just the plot

Summary: A light hearted fiction where Draco is back at Hogwarts helping with the repairs as his community service after the war. While doing so, he heard a rumor about the boy who lived. He was hexed with a mistletoe curse and became a kissing maniac whenever it appears. And he only kisses the boys.

Chapter 1: The Mistletoe Curse

Chapter 2: Draco Malfoy the curse breaker

What in the world was that idiot playing at? Blushing as he fumed, he stabbed the bacon on his plate and viciously bit into it.

"What's wrong Harry? You look like you're killing your breakfast." Hermione asked spreading liberal jam onto her toast.

"Yeah, if you don't want that, you can always pass it to me." Ron said after swallowing the sausages he was eating. Harry quirked a smile, it never fail to amaze him that Ron had learned his table manners. He kept expecting his friend to spew his food all over the place one minute or the other. Not that he was complaining of course, the sleeves of his school robe were much cleaner this way.

"It's nothing. I just had a run in last night." Harry answered and Hermione reached across squeezing his hand pityingly. "Don't worry, it will blow over soon."

"Will it though?" Ron asked gulping down his pumpkin juice before continuing. "It's been going on for weeks. I mean, if he were to kiss just about anyone, it could be alright because you might get lucky snogging a hot chick. But to just kiss the blokes..." his friend shook his head. "That's just vicious."

"Be thankful that it's just kissing and not the whole works." Harry groaned when the mistletoe popped above his head. Ron's eyes widen comically as he leant over and kissed him fully on the mouth until the offending shrub disappeared.

"I'm so sorry Ron." He apologized, sitting back down heavily onto the bench while Ginny snickered on behind him.

"What?" Ron said dazedly. Hermione huffed smacking her boyfriend up the head. "Harry said that he's sorry." Ron waved dismissively but glared at his sister. "You couldn't have waited could you?"

Her laughter rang sharply around the hall. "Like I’ve said, be thankful that it's just kissing and not the whole works. Who knows how that might turn out? He's a virgin still you know. Don't know what he's holding out for."

"Ginny! That was uncalled for!" Hermione made a little shriek. The younger witch sniffed and walked away to the Ravenclaw table and joined her latest boyfriend.

Harry stared horrified at his unfinished breakfast feeling the urge to hurl out his contents as the murmurs spread like wild fire around the hall.

"Slut!" Ron said unbelievably. His little sister had just humiliated his friend yet again and turned to his friend. "Blimey Harry, I didn't know, I mean from the way you kissed me I thought that you would have, I mean, I would have totally gone for you if you were a girl."

"So not helping Ron!" Hermione snapped testily and his hand was squeezed anew. "Never mind Harry." She said bracingly. "Just ignore them."

Harry extricated his hand and stood, painfully aware of eyes on him and mumbled to his friends. "I think I’ll go and kill myself now."

Before the couple could say anything, he was already halfway gone. He ignored the gossip running rampant in his wake, walking with his head up with what little dignity he had left but lowered his eyes when he got closer to the exit. Malfoy was leaning there smirking amused.


Harry's mood grew steadily darker as the day wore on. Lavender kept sending him these looks which were thought to be seductive but only liken her to a mole squinting in daylight. Don't even get him started on Seamus. That bloody Irish boy would sidle up to him every chance he got, giving him pointers on sexual advances. The bloody wanker had even shoved a tome explicitly titled 'How To Make Your Witch Juicy Wet For You!' into his book bag! He was going to incinerate the book in front of him the moment they got back to their dorm.

But of course things only got worse. He was Harry Potter after all. They just have to share classes with the Slytherin. Fucking vipers!

"He's not going to learn anything from your book Finnigan!" Nott said pulling his girlfriend to him. "He needs to see it with his own eyes!"

Greengrass giggled as she was hiked onto a table and they started making lewd noises. The Slytherin pumped his hips snaking a hand under Greengrass's skirt. The girl squealed hitting his shoulder and before long, they were making out in earnest.

Harry blushed and stalked past the couple. He resolutely turned a blind eye at the exhibition and sat at the furthest seat from the front.

"There's no need to be so uncouth Theodore." Malfoy had just walked in and with a lazy flick of his wand; Nott was thrown back from his lover. "Bloody hell Draco!" The boy yelled tittering dangerously on a chair he had landed into. He scowled reproachfully then started snickering. "Don't tell me that you're after a piece of his arse too."

Harry blushed again recalling the said appendage being molested by the same blond. "So what if I am?" he said. To his utter disgust, the boy swaggered to him and positively leered. "That piece of arse is quite delectable I’m sure.”

Harry whipped his wand out poking the tip right below the boy's Adam’s apple. "I have my wand today Malfoy, so back the bloody hell off!" He hissed just low enough for the two of them to hear. He didn't need for everyone speculating what he said.

Malfoy cocked his head. A slow smile crawled up his lips and his grey eyes flashed silver with something that had him jerking his hand back. "The art of seduction lesson one." He said loudly catching Harry's escaping hand. "The most intimate kiss will always be the pulse point because it is directly connected to your heart."

The Slytherin placed his lips gently on the back of his wrist. Fuck me, he thought as his heart hammered away and the blond smirked pecking his racing pulse and swiped his tongue over it. Harry snatched it back, his wand was pointing to where it was once more albeit shaking a little.

"Just hex him already Harry!" Ron goaded ignoring Hermione’s glares. The class erupted noisily egging the two on.

"They will have their turn later Ron." Lupin said aloud startling the class. The wizard looked expectantly at him and he grudgingly stowed away his wand, sending the other boy a glare which promised severe bodily harm. Malfoy just smiled in that disturbing way of his and slinked away. The professor entered the classroom. He waved his wand and the students yelled and ducked as tables and chairs flew above their heads to line against the walls. Nott was tipped unceremoniously onto the floor. Harry laughed at this. He deserved that, the bloody git.

After the room was cleared, Lupin began erecting the protective wards. He chanted something under his breath as he circled the area slowly, the tip of his wands glowed blue, and the light swam out and above till they reached the ceiling. With a final flick, he completed the barrier, the class looking as though nothing had been done to it. "Ladies first. Bulstrode, Brown, take your place."

The class cheered for their housemates, gathering around the barrier as the girls entered the ring. Harry hung back not particularly interested in the Defence lesson they’re having. He knew that Lupin was right when he said that even if the war was over, they would never know when they might be thrown in that kind of situation again. Yes, he understood the need to have the skills to protect yourselves and your loved ones but in honesty, he was rather tired of pointing his wand to defend and attack. He had no desire in practicing the skill… Well, except on Malfoy who had snuck behind him and made him jump. “Worried Potter?”

“No.” He answered irate which escalated in a heartbeat when the other boy grabbed the back of his robe to keep him from moving. “You should.” He informed his warm breath washing over his ear as his voice deepened. “I want to do something to you that you might find despicable.”

Images of hands and mouths and sweaty tangled limbs sprung in his mind and Harry cursed for flushing like the virgin he was. Malfoy only meant foul play damn it! And he banished them by digging his nails into his palms till they stung.

“You’re welcome to try Malfoy.” Harry said giving the boy a smirk of his own. “But don’t count on winning.”

Lavender emerged victorious leaving Bulstrode flapping like a dying fish on the floor. Their professor nodded his approval as he rushed in to right the Slytherin while the Gryffindor made such a ruckus that he could barely hear Lupin calling for him and Malfoy to enter the ring. Harry flashed the taller boy a feral grin, his body was all primed and ready to wipe the floor with the blond git. But before they could even push through the crowd, a fight broke out.

Hexes flew about in abandon. The shrieks and yells of pain and insults were deafening. Lupin jumped up his desk screaming for his students to stop. Nobody listen. It was absolute chaos.

“Get your hands off my girl!” Harry searched around for Ron’s voice. He dodged a stray spell and found Ron hexing Parkinson with a nasty stinging spell.

“Alright Hermione?” Harry asked pulling the bushy haired girl beside him, his eyes roving over the girl for any injury.

“Not very nice Weasley.” Malfoy drawled looking at the blubbering girl with disgust. “But of course with that meagre ability of yours, you can’t do much more damage can you?”

“I’ll show you damage!” Ron bellowed swallowing Harry’s protest and he was loathed to admit that he was impressed when Malfoy deftly blocked the curse, his wand dancing fluidly in quick succession foiling their disarming spell. And Ron was shouting again grabbing Hermione into his arms as they were swept away by an unseen force.

Something had hit Harry too. His tongue was beginning to swell and the back of his throat tickled horribly. He coughed and hacked till his eyes water, but still they persist. He began to panic when his tongue filled his mouth.

“Getting harder to breathe?” Harry glared at the blond. The boy smirked. “I’ll take that as a yes then. Not that you can speak right now. But don’t worry Potter. The effects will end right about… now.”

They did. He no longer had the urge to cough his lungs out and his tongue was back to its normal size but he wasn’t the least bit thankful as he whipped his wand, a hex at the tip of his tongue. No pun intended.

“What is the meaning of this?!” McGonagall’s voice magically amplified boomed around coldly. All movement ceased finding their Headmistress at the door with her nose flaring angrily. She poked her wand to her throat and spoke normally. “I do not care who started it. But this has just earned every single one of you detentions!”

Her eyes roamed the class taking in the results of the fracas and shook her head, turning to their Defence teacher. “See to them Professor Lupin and send those who were hurt to the infirmary.”

Without waiting for response, she whirled about and stalked away. Lupin sighed wearily, dropping onto his desk and rubbed between his brows. “You heard her. Anyone who needs a hex reversal line up before me and the ones who need the infirmary please go. If you’re unable to move then I will see to you as soon as I can.”

The class came to life again although more subdued. Ron and Hermione rushed over to him. “Okay there Harry?” The redhead asked. He nodded and inquired them in return but nothing came out. Concern fell over their faces and Hermione spoke a little too shrilly. “Harry?”

I want to do something to you that you might find despicable.

That git! Harry spun about and launched at Malfoy who was grinning with glee.

“Harry!” Lupin barked from the front. Seconds later, strong hands were grabbing at his back, successfully stopping him from throttling the boy’s neck as he was pulled back. “What’s wrong?” Lupin asked sternly.

Harry silently ranted proving his point across. The blond git began to laugh. He must have looked rather comical to him and he was flinging himself at the boy again. Lupin hauled him back. He glowered at the professor too who was trying his hardest to hide a smile.

“Stand still Harry.” He said schooling his face to become serious again and muttered ‘Deletrius’. Did it work? Harry scowled. Well obviously not since his voice was still somewhere buried in his throat. Lupin frowned and tried another spell… and another spell… and another spell to no avail.

“What the shit did you do to him Malfoy!” Ron rounded on the Slytherin.

“Language Ron.” Lupin said a tad frustrated and questioned him. “Yes Draco, what did you do? This is no normal silencing charm.”

“It’s not. I altered it a few weeks back.” Malfoy admitted smugly. Both Ron and Harry growled. His couldn’t be heard though. “I can fix it for you, if you want.”

“If you please.” Lupin said. Harry glared at the approaching boy and folded his arms. Now what curse would be good he wondered… But the train of his thoughts stopped to find Malfoy’s mouth covering his. He was startled into gasping so did the rest of the class. The taller boy took this opportunity and pried his mouth opened with his tongue, licking the roof of his mouth. Furious with his audacity, Harry stomped his foot.

Malfoy broke away with a hiss but managed to seize his elbow before Harry could either move away or pummel the boy into the ground.

“I need your participation Potter or Merlin knows how long you’ll stay silent.” Malfoy drawled. His Slytherin friends snickered and hooted thinking that this was a good stunt. This was just like the ‘Mistletoe Curse’ all over again. Even his friends watched on with interest. Joy. The great Harry Potter was now the source of everyone’s entertainment. So let’s just get this over with and done.

Harry pushed his chin up defiantly and with that look which had him jerking his hand away earlier, Malfoy swooped in capturing his lips.


“You okay Harry?” Ron asked cautiously and drew his hands up in apology when he glared. If anyone asked him that again, he swore that he’ll sew their lips with his own hands! He glowered internally as he reached out for the last piece of drumstick, his spine popping in protest.

They were in their common room eating a very late dinner after doing their detentions with McGonagall. His spine creaked again as he settled back into the couch. Why McGonagall couldn’t give them lines to write was beyond him.

“If I ever get my hands on those who started the fight, I’ll hex them to the next century.” Dean who was sitting on the floor groaned as he massaged his arm. Harry will gladly help him with that. His body was also aching from scrubbing the castle’s floor.

Seamus plopped down beside him. His eyes glittered with eagerness. “No Seamus I’m not interested in any of your damn books.” He said. The Irish boy shook his head. “How does it feel kissing the Slytherin Prince?”

“What?” Ron said appalled. “Harry doesn’t enjoy it and the wanker is not a prince.”

“Yeah I didn’t.” Harry said quickly, glad that the orange glow of the roaring fire burning in the hearth hid the blush creeping on his face. “What? Do you have a crush on him?”

“Of course not!” Seamus scoffed then grinned. “Neville does.”

It was a mark of how much Neville had changed when he snorted and flashed a finger at their teasing. “But I heard from some of our ex seniors that he’s the best kisser out of all the blokes in school.”

Harry flushed hotly and blamed it on Ron.

“Well Harry’s a good kisser too.” He said looking half sheepish and embarrassed. “That’s why I couldn’t believe that he’s still a virgin.”

“Hey, don’t talk about me as though I’m not here!” Harry chucked him a pillow. “So what if I’m a virgin? What has that got to do with anything?” He added and shot Seamus a warning glare.

“Nothing.” Dean said firmly placating him a little. “Don’t worry about Ginny. She’s just sore that you dumped her first before she could and that she couldn’t be your first girl. Besides, I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. She’s too sloppy.” A look of guilt then crossed the black boy’s face as he turned to look at Ron. “Sorry mate.”

Ron shrugged looking a little sick that they were discussing his little sister’s sexual prowess or the lack thereof. “It’s alright. I’ve never liked how she goes through boyfriends like discarded tissue papers.”

“Then thank Merlin that you will never find out how much you’ll need them.” Neville grinned ducking a pillow thrown at him. Harry was glad that the girls had decided to retire or they would not be having this conversation as they laughed at Ron’s appalled face. “Yucks! That’s fucking disgusting Longbottom!”

“Having fun boys?” Seamus shot off the couch like he had sat on burning coals. The rest of his friends drew back putting as much distance between them. So much for feeling better. He sighed resignedly and waited for the shrub to make havoc of his body.

“Oh thank God we’re safe!” Seamus said fervently after a full minute later without any signs of the mistletoe. Ginny who had stood there flabbergasted shrieked at the boy. “Shut up Finnigan!”

“Hey! Don’t talk to my friends like that!” Ron said hotly glaring at his sister. She ignored him, rolling his eyes back to Harry. “This is unbelievable! No one can lift the curse but me!”

“My dear Ginny, you really do think highly of yourself.” Dean said snidely and the witch zoned onto the boy. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she spat glaring around at the boys.

“Nothing much.” Seamus quipped airily. “Who would have thought that Malfoy could be so strong magically?” Harry frowned. What in the world are these two up to?

Ginny took a very deep breath and released it, speaking through gritted teeth. “You’re saying that stupid ferret broke my curse.”

“Who else would be able to but Harry’s greatest rival. People do say that there is a thin line between hate and love.” Neville cottoning on answered.

“What?!” Ginny shrieked shrilly her voice ringing unpleasantly in their ears. Ron who had been rather confounded and extremely bad at lying among the lot grinned when his sister swung to look at him. “Ron, tell me the truth. What exactly happen?”

“Well, Remus did say something about a true love’s kiss.” He said with a straight face that Harry was personally proud of but couldn’t decide if he wanted to cobble them for making him so embarrassed. And for all they know, the curse might have worn off.

“They kissed?!” Harry winced shrinking into the loveseat when the girl glared mutinously at him. “And what true love?! I’m his true love!”

“Don’t be stupid. You’re not in love with him.” Ron scoffed shaking his head disgustedly. “Did you actually think I didn’t notice how you’ve been flaunting Harry like a bloody show dog Ginny? You’re in love with his fame that’s what you’re in love with.”

It saddened Harry that Ginny didn’t deny this. He did have feelings for her once upon a time. “Fine!” Ginny snapped pointing her wand at him. “Let’s see if he can break this one.”

Neville who had been expecting it disarmed her and Dean caught it deftly.

“Give it back!” She screamed charging at them madly. Alarmed at the sight, Seamus casted an incarcerous and thick ropes wound around the girl. Her brother caught her before she could crack her head and brought the struggling girl to the loveseat. Harry who had been quiet all this time jumped off and joined his friends.

“That is quite enough young lady!” Ron admonished so reminiscent of Mrs. Weasley that Ginny snapped her mouth shut. “Punishing Harry won’t get him back.”

“He shouldn’t have broken up with me in front of those people!” Ginny cut her brother off bitterly.

“That was my idea. I didn’t expect you to hex him right there.” Ron confessed and smiled sweetly at her glares. “Gonna hex me are you? Well guess what, I’m tired of your petty stupidity and mom will be hearing from me.” The redhead straightened up satisfied at how horrified Ginny had become. “Expect a howler soon little sister.”

The younger witch began to wail as Ron dragged Harry away. Dean just smirked and threw a silencer at his ex-girlfriend when she started pleading with him as they climbed up the stairs.

“Do you think that’s true?” Neville started saying as Harry fell into bed after changing out of his school robes, discarding the damp pile onto the floor. He heard Ron asking him what he was talking about and the boy answered. “Well, you’re the one who said about a true love’s kiss.”

Ron’s snickers were muffled as the boy pulled on a t-shirt while Harry blushed into the pillow. “Hey, I was just improvising. Dean was the one who started it.”

“Hey! The credit’s mine! I was the one who started it.” Seamus pointed out then added. “Well, not all. Neville was the one who spouted all that ‘there’s a thin line between hate and love’ malarkey.”

“It’s not malarkey Seamus.” Dean said chortling from his side of the room. “Malfoy did kiss Harry and they’re like the worse rivals in school.”

“Or maybe, Malfoy’s hex was strong enough to cancel out the ‘Mistletoe Curse’.” Neville speculated. Harry heard Seamus and Dean whispering before bursting out laughing. “I still prefer the true love’s theory.” Dean said.

“Yucks! With Draco bloody Malfoy? Harry would rather kill himself.” Ron sniggered and so did the rest.

“Or, the curse might have just worn out.” Harry pushed off the bed and sniped feeling utterly annoyed. “If you guys ever talk about me like I’m not here again I’ll – ”

“Hex us.” His friends finished the sentence and started sniggering again. He rolled his eyes burying his face into the pillow once more. Arseholes!

But after a few minutes of silence, Seamus spoke. “Aren’t you going to tell me how the kiss was? Any special techniques Malfoy might be able to impart to me?”

“Shut up Seamus!” They chorused. The Irish boy apologized then grumbled quietly and before long, the circular room fell into slumber filled with soft snores. Harry unconsciously smiled and touched his lips.

Chapter 3: What Malfoy Wants, Malfoy Gets
TBC… I hope you’ll like it and reviews are very welcome even if it’s tough love ^^
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